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A brand represents our thoughts or beliefs about the VALUE of a company, person, product, or service.

Your career brand represents how other people see your ability to perform a job. We all have a brand. Your brand can be seen as superior, mediocre, inferior, or invisible.

Latrice Collins has recently enhanced our model with The Career Brand 2.0. It is both quantitative and qualitative. The new model encompasses leadership traits essential for strengthening an organization’s culture and successfully leading productivity into the future.

About us

Our Founder

Latrice Collins is the founder and president of The Career Brand, LLC. She has devoted her life to growing businesses and advancing individuals around the world. Latrice has created a legacy of establishing synergetic teams while executing positive measurable results. Her audiences include students, front line employees, multi-national teams, professionals and corporate leaders.

Latrice believes every person possesses the strengths that an employer desires. TCB provides tools and analysis to empower you to shine.


The Career Brand

The Career Brand, LLC is a full-service business that specializes in leadership development, professional growth, and efficient operations. We offer our services to people and businesses that are eager for development and success.


• Do you know how your brand is rated?
• Do you know your blind spots?
• Is your brand helping or hindering you from getting your next promotion?

Companies, Associations and Entrepreneurs

• How strong is your leadership team’s brand?
• Do you have organizational blind spots impacting your company’s growth?
• Are you strategically developing your leadership team’s brand?

Career Brand Solutions!

Our CEO and Founder, Latrice Collins, has created powerful individualized tools for driving results. Our dynamic tools include books, workshops, evaluations, coaching and keynote addresses.

What our Clients Say

Our clients rave about the transformative impact of our branding expertise. From cultivating a unique identity to elevating brand presence, their testimonials speak volumes about the success they’ve achieved with our strategic approach.

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Mike Caracalas Plano, TX


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Mark Finner

Rice Performance Group President

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Kevin Green, Frisco, TX


Our Pricing

Personal Career and Brand Coaching

The Career Brand coaching packages offer one-on-one personalized tailored coaching for professionals. Each coaching session is lead by a proven seasoned executive. Coaching packages are tailored to the client’s unique needs. Coaching sessions can be used for career planning, skill refinement, and project execution.








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