Complimentary Career Brand Evaluation Toolkit: Enhance Your Career Brand and Make a Name for Yourself!
I’d like to offer you a special bonus for taking the initiative to invest in yourself.

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Welcome to The Career Brand

You might ask, what’s a brand? A brand is simply the thought or feel we have about a company, person or thing as a result of the various encounters we have with them. Each time you see an advertisement, read an email, use a product, or speak to a person, you form an opinion about the person or company. That opinion becomes their brand.

A career brand represents how other people see your ability to perform a job.  Your career brand can range from superior to mediocre.  What do you think are possible impacts to having a mediocre brand?  What are perks to having an exceptional or superior brand?

So the question is…

Do you know how others view your career brand?


  • Do you know what others see as your brand strengths?
  • Do you know your blind spots?
  • Is your brand helping or hindering you from getting the next promotion?

Companies, Associations and Entrepreneurs

  • How is your brand weighted for your company?
  • How strong are your leaders’ career brand?

Career Brand Solutions!

CEO and Founder Latrice Collins has created powerful individualized tools for driving results. These tools IGNITE YOUR BRAND. Our dynamic tools include: books, workshops, self-pace programs, coaching and keynote addresses.  If you are serious about your growth and advancement, we are the company for you.

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