Career Branding for Entrepreneurs

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e-Brand: Career Branding for Entrepreneurs

At the Career Brand we see entrepreneurs as unique and driven people who are the backbone to this country. They have an internal fire that burns to be released. They are people with vision and creativity. They are individuals who lead well-established companies or someone working part time on a hobby that brings them fulfillment. They identify what is missing from this world and work diligently to provide the solution. Sometimes it’s through art, sometime through business. In every case, they are people who provide services or products with their special flare.

How can we help?

Introducing e-brand. The Career Brand partners with entrepreneurs to develop their brand platform. We help you focus on the basics.

  • How are you organized?
  • Have you set your price points?
  • How are you identified to your target markets?
  • What is your brand image?

Types of Services

Trying to find your way through millions of articles, internet searches, and friends making recommendations can be COMPLETELY overwhelming. Reading books and watching webinars can be powerful, but often times leaves you with unanswered questions. We have created solutions designed specifically for the person looking for a personal touch.

One-on-One Coaching

We work with you one-on-one to understand the scope of your business and immediate challenges. We listen carefully to provide workable solutions that guide you toward organizational structure and branding success.


Our e-brand workshops are redesigned specifically for the entrepreneur mindset. We help you to focus on the holistic scope of how clients see you.

To get started, visit our store and select the best service for you today.