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Qualified Does NOT Equal Hired

Don't get it twisted

Don’t Get It Twisted:  Qualified Does NOT Equal Hired. Yes, you have years of experience.  Yes, you are more knowledgeable then your peers. Yes, you have the education required for the role.  But, don’t get it twisted. While you may have the experience required for a role, employers still ask the question, “What will you do for me?”   In this post we will quickly discussed the fourth element of The Perfect Fit for Careers brand formula.  IMPACT!

As a quick recap, The Perfect Fit for Career program is built on four brand elements:  Expertise, Image, Character and impact.  Each element answers a specific question about your brand for an employer.  This article helps you to focus on the “Impact” Element, which answers the question, “What will you do for me?”

As I have spoke at events and companies around the country I hear the same thing over-and-over at various network functions.  See if this sounds like your frustration.

  • “My qualifications should have landed me the job.”
  • “I have x number of year experience.”
  • “I have to train someone else to be my boss.”
  • “I don’t understand why they won’t hire me.”
  • “I use to be ______”

While qualifications are important, nearly everyone who applied for the job had qualifications, the question is, “what makes you stand out?”  How do you demonstrate the impact you will make in the role you are seeking?

Here are a few quick steps to communicating your impact.  Remember to shift each part to how it can solve their existing problem or gap.

  1. Review EVERY job on your resume and provide quantitative results to each role. Here are some probing questions that might help. How much money did you make for the business? How much did you save the business? What rank did you come in? How did you rate your last performance period? How many projects did your manage? How many employees or customers did you service?
  2. Identify and write down your transferable skills. These are skills that work in any industry, like customer service, Leadership, management, project management, organization, analytical etc.
  3. Review the responsibilities of the new role. For best results, proactively find out the top three focus the hiring manager is looking for from that role. Identify what are the problems they need solved.
  4. Link your transferrable skills and past impact to the new role. Review the responsibilities of the role you are seeking and begin to map out how your past success (#1) and transferable skills (#2) can aid in providing lift to the new role.

It takes a little work to effectively build this new way of thinking.  But once you know it, the sky is the limit.  Always remember, companies MUST hire the talent that will understand their needs and move them forward. So, your job is to show them you are the right person for the job.

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